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Solstice 2012 Sunrise to Sunset in Fairbanks AK. Full production to be put into a video consisting of 3500 frames at 24 frames per second. This is a 15 minute interval throughout the day beginning at 9:45 am. Temperatures in Fairbanks were -45 and the ice fog is visible from this location. Fortunately, it was only about -15 from where I was shooting. Canon 5D Mk3, 16-35 F2.8, shot at 16. Images taken every
Solstice TL 2012-140Solstice TL 2012-262Solstice TL 2012-392Solstice TL 2012-519Solstice TL 2012-649Solstice TL 2012-777Solstice TL 2012-905Solstice TL 2012-1035Solstice TL 2012-1162Solstice TL 2012-1290Solstice TL 2012-1418Solstice TL 2012-1547Solstice TL 2012-1676Solstice TL 2012-1804Solstice TL 2012-1932Solstice TL 2012-2061Solstice TL 2012-2190Solstice TL 2012-2319Solstice TL 2012-2447Solstice TL 2012-2576

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